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Graphic Design

Sweets on the Streets

Brand Identity & UI Design

An imaginary food truck that delivers sweets on the go! For this design exercise , the goal as to create a brand identity complete with logo, mock ups, and UI design for an app.

Redeemed Tone Woods

Logo & Business Card Design

Redeemed Tone Woods sells tone woods for guitar and musical instrument manufacturers. The founders had incredible ideas for a logo design, it was such a joy to bring their ideas into reality! The logo is the abbreviated company name on the inside of a guitar soundhole. This is complete with a typical acoustic guitar rosette and six strings on the exterior. The typeface used for "Redeemed Tone Woods" on the business information side is custom made from Bill's own handwriting. We wanted a slightly distressed yet handwritten look for the text to highlight the deeply personal origin of the company.

DACA Requirements & Application Process

Infographic Design

Created in the Visual Design Lab at Northern Arizona University. Done in collaboration with Northern Arizona Interfaith Council and Community, and University Public Inquiry. This infographic was created to help undocumented students have access to college education.

Vertical Flight Society: Arizona Chapter

Logo Additions & Sticker Design

For the Vertical Flight Society: Arizona Chapter, I was tasked with adding iconography representing the specific chapter and finding a solution to differentiate chapter promotional materials. The simple solution we agreed upon was adding a cactus with "Arizona" to the logo, and stickers! Stickers for flyers and for prospective members to put on what they see fit. Here we have the spread of the logo additions, the stickers, and measurements.

Value of Support Heroes

Infographic, eBook, & UI Design

A college exercise! I was tasked with creating an infographic then converting it into a comprehensive, easy to use digital publication. I fulfilled the assignment, like a huge nerd, by taking out my frustrations from playing online multiplayer video games. My original description for the project " is a common problem for players not to utilize their support class heroes. So, this serves as a handy guide showing who support heroes should pair up with, along with effective, and non-effective, team compositions."

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